DTH Services Ltd. offers innovative logistics and warehousing solutions, focusing on sustainable development and operational excellence, enhancing the competitiveness of its clients.



Is your company having trouble with exceeding operating costs? Or the efficiency rate is too low due to lack of expertise? Let DTH take away all your worries.

Seasonal works

Seasonal works

Providing seasonal workers who work as substitutes for regular workers during their holidays and peak seasons has been a strong tier of DTH's staffing business.



DTH offers you a wide range of Value-added services in warehouse operations beyond the basic picking and packing goods.

Explore DTH's versatile business areas: logistics, staffing, and expert services. We offer comprehensive solutions that improve efficiency and support customer growth.


Operational excellences at warehouses act as a strategic competitive advantage ...


At DTH Services Ltd., we believe that human resources plays a critical part of the success of every business.


Supply chain consulting is an important pillar in DTH Services Ltd. business model.

Our Business Is Strictly Directed By Key Values

Our business operations are guided by our deeply held values. Our business is guided by strong values that focus on transparency, reliability, sustainable development, and innovation. We strive to offer our clients clear and open services in every phase of logistics, while building trust through our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Sustainable development is a matter of heart for us, and we utilize Lean Six Sigma methods to provide the best practices and sustainable solutions. Innovation keeps us at the forefront of development, and we have developed an application that combines all the necessary tools, enabling efficient value creation.


We offer our customers comprehensive services which cover all stages of inhouse logistics.


We ensure that all stage are operated by reliable and experienced staff.


By closely applying Learn Six sigma, we commit to bring our customers the industry-best practices as well as the sustainability in their operations.


With innovative products, we aim at creating a system that integrates all necessary working tools to facilitate customers’ everyday operations and add extra values to their businesses.